How do I complete my 2024 AZ BASS Nation Membership?

1.  BASS Membership Requirements

First you must be a member in good standing with BASS, have a BASS Membership # and have your 2024 BASS dues paid.  You can do this online at or you can contact BASS at 877-BASS-USA.

2.  AZ BASS Nation State Dues & Club Requirements

You must belong to an AZ BASS Nation club and submit the necessary BASS Nation membership form and dues to the club President.  A list of AZ BASS Nation club Presidents along with their contact info can be found here:

The breakdown of the Membership fee’s us as follows:

State Dues:            $30
Nation Dues:          $30
Processing fee:       $5

Total Amount:        $65

Please make the checks paid directory to “AZ BASS Nation”

These fee’s must be paid directly to your club president who will then include you on the Club roster with BASS and will submit the fee’s along with paperwork to the State Secretary for processing.  This unfortunately is time consuming both on the BASS side and the paperwork side, so this must be completed prior to the Feb 3 meeting if you wish to fish in the Feb 9 tournament.  Anglers who fail to submit complete the membership dues and forms prior to the tournament cut off will not be covered by BASS insurance policy and will not be able to compete in the tournament.

The State Membership form that you should fill out and provide to your club President along with your membership dues can be found here:

3.  Proof of Liability Insurance for Boaters

For anglers who wish to compete as a Boater in the AZ Bass Nation events you must show proof of liability insurance with a minimum of $300,000 along with a valid insurance card.  Expired insurance cards will not be accepted and boaters failing to provide proof of insurance for the tournament can be disqualified for that event.  To make this process easier if you provide a Xerox copy of your insurance card or insurance policy showing a minimum of $300,000 liability insurance in your name with your State Due’s we can check you off as having this on file and you will not need to provide proof on the morning of the tournament or the Pre-tournament meeting.  Since this is a new year this is a good time to make sure you have the current proof of insurance in your boat and avoid any issues come tournament day should it fly out of the boat.  Co-anglers are not required to show proof of insurance unless they decide to switch over during the season as a Boater for the event.

If you have any questions feel free to contact by using the contact form here.