“2018” State Team

“2016” State Team





Anglers Co-Anglers
Rick Masson Joe Griffin
Brian Bolander Zane Arrendale
James Hawkes Jake Morrison
Larry Hardy Ayaaz (Doc) Ismail
Andy Bravence Gregory Singletary
Steve Lund Loren Bryant
Jacob Russell Rodney Leon
Thomas Edwards Eric Hammer
Greg Taylor Brett Nagelhout
Kalib Lund Clint Everett
Gerald Kimsey Chris Traver

“2015” State Team

State Team








Dave Nichols
Brian Bolander
Pat Hanning
Dave Lee
Andy Bravence
Steve Lund
Jim Miller Jr.
Joe Griffin
Mike Shaw
Lance Cathcart
Rodney Leon
Will Sasek
James Miller
Martin Mazy
Julius Mazy
Thomas Sendek
Gerry Croy

2014 B.A.S.S. Western Divisional Winner

BASS Western Divisional 2014 Winner

Steve Lund

Steve will be going to the B.A.S.S. Nation Championship at Ouachita River in

Monroe, Louisiana on November 6-8, 2014.  Good luck Steve!



“2013” State Team

Congratulations to the Arizona BASS Nation State Team. They will be competing at the

2014 Bass Nation Western Divisional being held at Noxon Reservoir in Montana.

The event will be held May 21-23. Good Luck Guys!



Andy Bravence  (team captain) Bret Nagelhout
Ken Landry Joe Griffin
Judy Chaney    ( not traveling) Brian Bolander
Ken Larrabee   (not traveling) Eric Hammer
Steve Lund Dave Lee
Dwayne Gregory Pat Hanning
Danny Longoria
Gerald Kimzey